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Top MBA Programs in Spain

Following are some of the top ranking MBA programs in Spain:

IE Business School
- IE Business School is recognized as one of the world's top business schools. It is placed in the top 10 internationally in the biennial MBA ranking published by Aspen Institute in 2009.
- Rated 1st worldwide (Wall Street Journal, September 2009 MBA).
- 3rd worldwide in the América Economía, June 2010 MBA ranking.

Jones International University Rankings

Jones International University (JIU) is a leading private regionally accredited university, offering a wide range of certificate, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs.

Jones International University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and a member of the North Central Association. JIU’s School of Business is a member of the AACSB International – The Association to

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College of the Atlantic Profile

Founded in 1969, College of the Atlantic (COA) is a private, alternative liberal-arts college located in the U.S. state of Maine.

Areas of study include Arts and Design, Environmental Science, Human Studies, Ecological Planning and Policy, Educational Studies, Field Ecology and Conservation Biology, Marine Studies, International Studies, Literature and Writing, Sustainable Business, Sustainable

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Before the invention of LED Grow Lights, most people use MH Grow lights, and MHS. But after the invention of LED Grow Lights, many people already use this type of lamp.

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If you have a hydroponics garden, is a good thing to switch to LED Grow Lights. And note the improvement of the quality of your crop productivity from now.

ACNM Responds to Lancet Home Birth Editorial

by Holly Powell Kennedy, CNM, PhD, FACNM, FAAN,President, American College of Nurse-MidwivesOn the heels of a disturbing AJOG study on home birth, an editorial released today in The Lancet is fanning the flames of the home birth controversy that has been playing out in the media this summer. This morning I talked with an NPR reporter about ACNM’s take on the editorial. View her blog here, and

We're Awe Doomed - Again

RUDYARD Kipling was English, which was just as well for him; had he been Scottish and living in the all-encompassing shadow of Robert Burns, nobody but a Kipling fan would ever have heard of his poem If, with those iconic lines, engraved above the players' entrance to the Centre Court at Wimbledon: "If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters both the same...."

That's a very English attitude, as is: "We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and on the streets, we shall fight in the hills, we shall never surrender."

One thing you've got to say for our Saxon nieghbours - they talk a good pre-fight game. Of course, they know, when the bullets start flying, they've got those mad Jocks behind them, ready to get tore in where the battle is fiercest.

The same Jocks, in whose faces the wind is usually blowing, whose national motto was written by an Englishman and voiced by John Laurie in Dad's Army: "We're awe doomed, doomed ah tell ye".

That certainly is the view most-commonly being voiced by Scottish football fans in the wake of this week's European cuffings for Celtic and Hibs.

Second-commonest view, at least from what I've seen on internet forums and heard on phone-ins is: "Ha, ha ha! What do you expect from teams in green and white": or "What a load of rubbish", these latter views held by supporters of other Scottish clubs.

There is nothing the average Scottish fan likes more than seeing "the enemy" humbled. 'Twas ever thus. Remember, as Sir William Wallace was handed over to the English, Robert Bruce was thinking: "Ya Dancer, that leaves it open for me to take the crown". Schadenfraude might be a German word, but revelling in the misfortune of others is a very Scottish attitude. Never more than when England is imploding in the Wordl Cup finals.

But, when it comes to putting things right - different ball game; that wind in our faces just gets stronger.

For a country which wants nothing to do with the Conservative Party, the Scots are, in life, very conservative. We like things done the way they've aye been done; we are opposed to change as a point of principle almost.

And that's the main obstacle to properly sorting-out the ills of Scottish football. That and the natural self-interest of the SFA blazers.

Most of the fans - the guys who turn up every week, in all weathers, to watch what, let's face it, is mostly cauld kale, have known for years the game in Scotland was going down the stank. We know things have to change, in fact, I'd warrant the "blazers" know things have to change - but, like turkeys asked to vote for Christmas, they're not going to change things.

And as a result, we should get used to weeks like this, results like Braga and Mirabor becoming hardy annuals, until, when we're down there in the international basement, alongside Andorra, San Marino and Malta -something might finally be done.

But, don't hold your breath. I truly despair.

UAE Nursing Jobs for Filipino Nurses

The POEA recently approved two job orders that offers employment opportunities to selected applicants who are qualified for UAE Nursing Jobs for Filipino Nurses. The job orders for the said UAE nursing jobs for Filipino nurses are for Staff Nurses and Senior Nurses and were approved last July 21 for Dywen International Manpower Agency, a POEA accredited recruitment agency located in Malate Manila. Specified below is the number of vacancies for each position in UAE nursing jobs for Filipino nurses.

STAFF NURSE ------- 100 vacancies
SENIOR NURSE ---- 75 vacancies

To apply for the said UAE nursing jobs for Filipino nurses, proceed to the office of the recruiting agency and submit your updated resume and application. For further details or inquiries regarding the said UAE nursing jobs for Filipino nurses, you can contact the recruiting agency through their landline number indicated below.

Dywen International Manpower Agency
GF and 2nd Floor Community Chest Foundation Inc. Building
815 Remedios Street, Malate
Tel Nos: 5233904

Nurse Practitioner Jobs NP jobs PA jobs

Nurse Practitioner Jobs, Physician Assistant jobs,
Advanced Practice Jobs, ARNP jobs, NP jobs, Nurse Practitioner Resumes,
Nurse Jobs, Physician Jobs, CRNA jobs, Advanced Registered Nurse
Practitioner Jobs,Advanced Practice Provider,Advanced Practice



Medical School GPA Requirements

GPA is a very important factor for medical school admission. You must maintain your GPA as high as possible to being competitive with other medical school applicants. Following are the top medical schools with their GPA scores and information:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- It is recommended that a student maintain a 4.5/5.0 or greater GPA to be considered for the most competitive

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University of Maine Profile

Founded in 1865, University of Maine (UMaine) is a premier public university located in the town of Orono, Maine, United States. It is classified as a research university (RU/H) by the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education.

The University has the following Colleges: College of Business, Public Policy, and Health; College of Education and Human Development; College of

Top Paralegal Schools

Following are the top schools offering paralegal studies programs:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
- The UNC-Chapel Hill Paralegal Certificate Program is an intensive program of study. Students are required to have a minimum of an associate’s degree in order to enroll in the program.
- The North Carolina State Bar has designated UNC-Chapel Hill as a qualified paralegal studies

Get Yer Strides On - You're Nicked

WE can only wonder if someone at Hampden said: "book him George", inviting President Peat to make the call, once the SFA board decided Stewart Regan was the man to follow Smudger into the Chief Executive's role within the National Stadium's corridors of power.

I cannot see Peat having the wit to use The Sweeney's other iconic line - for younger readers, the heading - when inviting the new man to quit Leeds for Glasgow. But, how badly I wish they had appointed Jack and not Stewart Regan to lead Scottish football's administrative.

Regan (John Thaw) and his henchman George Carter (Dennis Waterman) didn't mess about when it came to sorting out the bad guys, they simply went in there, fists and feet flying and did the business.

Given the Hampden hierarchy sometimes gives the impression of being composed of small-time hoodlums, who think they are Mafioso, maybe our Mr Regan should adopt his small screen namesake's approach.

However, Stewart Regan ought to know what he's getting into. He's coming from Yorkshire County Cricket Club, a body which, with its in-fighting between the Bradford, Barnsley and Sheffield Leagues, the carping and moaning from the side lines of former Gods of its game and by the constant presence around the big matches of still walking ghosts of the past, very closely resembles Scottish football.

Some Northern Englanders say a Yorkshireman is simply a Scot with a less-sunny disposition. Clearly both races have much in common. You know, Stewart Regan just might have a chance, but he'll need all the luck in the world to succeed.

IT'S not luck Celtic will need if they are to get past SC Braga into the Champions League proper - it's more like a miracle.
I wouldn't have backed the Lisbon Lions to overturn a three-goal deficit in a second leag in Europe, which is not to say they couldn't have done it. But this current lot - no chance.
I watched last night's game via computer: Celtic were dire. I fear another early exit from Europe.
THE above said, our teams are fighting on an uneven pitch when it comes to European games. It has been obvious for a good number of years now that asking our clubs to curtail their close season, then immediately begin with games in the harsher environment of European football is asking too much.
We need to change the pattern of our season, as well as the pattern of our play. Pace and power are nothing in Europe without technique and we simply haven't had the technique for years.
In the first 30 years of European football, when we regularly got teams into the last eight or better in the European tournaments, our lack of technique was more than compensated for by our power and pace. But, gradually, the Europeans learned how to counter the British bonuses - without diluting their technical superiority. We still paid insufficient attention to getting players who were comfortable on the ball; we've continued to be deficient in this and we are falling further and further behind.
When are we going to waken up.
TO leave football for a spell. I've long considered Mark Lewis Francis a failure. At 18 and 19 he looked like a future star, but between bad luck with injuries, bad decisions, believing the hype and not working hard enough, he has failed to become the world-beater he might have been.
But, throughout it all, British Athletics stuck by him for years, before, losing patience and cutting his lottery funding.
This woke him up. Lindford Christie (not my favourite athlete ever and of course a convicted drugs cheat) then had a word and MLF got his reward this week with a European silver medal.
Of course, he's still a long way behind true World Class - Boit, Gay and Powell, and a wee bit behind the new French kid on the block - but he has a chance of redemption.
We've had the odd young Scottish player who looked, at 18, like a potential world beater - but, nothing ever became of them. Football dropped them too quickly, they didn't work hard enough to get back and we don't seem to have the icons still in the game capable of kicking some sense into these failures and bringing them back.
There is also apparently, no mechanism within a team game for sorting out errant individuals. Apparently the individual sports: athletics, tennis, golf, boxing etc in this country have better support networks for the participants than football.
Given the money which is in the game here, there is something wrong there. And until we put it right, we will struggle.

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Ok, here's another funny convoluted story I feel like sharing. About three years ago I went on three dates with a guy. Let's call him Ben. First two were ok (he's a pretty funny guy), but the third one he got plastered and turned into a real ass at the end of the night. When he finally slammed a car door on me and said he was pissed at me for what I don't know (um, what's to be pissed about on a third date??) I ditched him and ended up walking home in my high heels all the way from downtown. Needless to say, we never spoke again. I did see him from afar at a restaurant once, but he totally snubbed me. Fine. Eff you too.

Then randomly, last week, I see that he is tagged in a Facebook photo with one of my former students. So of course I send her a message like "WTF???... how do you know this tool?" She laughs and says something to the effect of "Tool is right. He's my best friends ex, they were engaged, he cheated, etc." To which I did a mental "Whew... best walk home in high heels ever"

That was last week. After three years. LAST NIGHT, I'm at my favorite winebar and Lolo suddenly gets a terrible look on her face. Lolo played wing(girl) on one of the dates (a double date) way back when. I turn around and there he is. One foot from my face. He smiles... which is weird bc he previously ignored me in the restaurant. Anyway, he's like "Hey can I come chat with you guys?" So he did, which was ok.. and he proceeds to spend the next 20 min discussing his ex (who is a med student, too, I guess)... and then starts to discuss what "went wrong" between "us". I clearly told him that what went wrong was that he was an asshole... and that there was no "us". To which he said "huh, I was hoping for a little sugar coating on that". Lol. He actually seems like a nice guy... to hang out with... but to date? Um, no. Unless you are into that whole lying, cheating, borderline alcoholic thing....


Oh, you have to get this! So I saw some incoming students on the class of 2014 facebook page who were a bit older and seemed pretty darn cool. So I emailed one of them and invited them to coffee for a chit chat. THANK GOD there are finally some peeps my age around school. Turns out new student #1 also invited new student #2 to come along... so I got to meet two students my age.

Here's the cool part. They BOTH told me that they had read my blog (or at least parts of it).... and they both found it on their own. And it was totally a random coincidence that I emailed one of them with an invite to coffee. They seemed a little reluctant to tell me... lol... I guess it's like reading someones diary or something.... but hey, I write this for people to read. Well, preferably people I don't know... but there's always that chance, right? At first I thought "Oh crap what the hell did I write on there"... but truthfully I think they were more weirded out than I was. It was pretty cool actually. Like I said, it feels like I have fans! Well, at least 2 people read my ramblings. Even my parents don't do that.

* Oh AND they both like EM. Automatic cool factor.

Accelerated Dental Programs

Top schools offering accelerated dental degree programs:

Boston University
- Freshman applicants interested in an accelerated path to a career in dental medicine can apply to The Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Dental Education Program.
- Students will receive a bachelor of arts from the College of Arts & Sciences with a Doctorate of Dentistry from Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental

“Washa Tala”: Shining light on the crisis in Congo.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is clearly a country in crisis. Despite being rich in natural resources such as metals and diamonds, with years of war and continued instability, it is rife with violence and suffering. On July 28, 2010, Villanova nurses and the rest of the University community were privileged to hear from two extraordinary women associated with Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in the DRC who were shining light on the current critical situation in their country. (“Washa Tala” means “Light the lamp” in the Kiswahili language of the DRC).

Mathilde Muhindo Mwamini (left) has dedicated her life to empowering women to overcome discrimination, sexual exploitation, poverty and conflict in this central African country called the “rape capitol of the world.” Olun Kamitatu (2nd from right) works with Church partners to promote policies by governments and mining companies to insure that resource wealth benefits the poor and is not used to fuel conflict. Their talk was sponsored by the University partnership with Catholic Relief Services and The Center for Global and Public Health in the College of Nursing. Joining the women from the DRC were the Center’s director Kim Connolly, MPH, BSN, RN who is also a clinical assistant professor; Suzanne Toton, EdD, associate professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; and Maureen McCullough, the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic regional director of CRS.

For more information on Catholic Relief Services, visit

Alumna delivers a punch to pediatric cancer

Lauren Saltzburg, ’09 B.S.N., R.N. presents a $500 check and championship belt to the winners of the Gloves for Love Baggo tournament that raised $8000 for CHOP’s Cancer Center.

For Lauren Saltzburg ’09 B.S.N., R.N., her pediatric rotation on the oncology unit at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) lasted more than a few months. The impact of seeing such young people fighting a potentially lethal disease stayed with her. Not one to walk away from a challenge, she decided to go beyond patient care and in November of 2009 used the “fight” concept represented in boxing gloves to create the Gloves for Love Pediatric Cancer Foundation (, a nonprofit group to “knock out pediatric cancer.” The next step for the Bryn Mawr, Pa. resident was to raise money for the Cancer Center at CHOP, the hospital where she is now employed as a nurse on the neurology unit.

Saltzburg is passionate about helping children in her career. “Knowing that cancer-related deaths are the number one cause of death by disease in children under the age of 14 promptly motivated me to want to help these families,” she explains. “The thought that children have to spend their summers, holidays, and birthdays in hospital rooms instead of at home with their families and friends is a primary reason I want to help this population as well.”

July 17, 2010 was the big day Saltzburg had organized in her hometown of Stone Harbor, N.J. She targeted a goal of at least $8000 for the Cancer Center which she reached through the help of numerous volunteers who ran a Baggo (bean bag toss) tournament she developed. She deliberately chose a game which people of any age could play and expanded the event with food, drink, silent auction donations and a post-event party. She reached her financial goal with all proceeds going to CHOP.

Saltzburg credits her Villanova Nursing education for developing within her the needed perspective to create Gloves for Love. “I was taught exceptional time management and leadership skills while at Villanova and this allowed me to segue into the workplace, while balancing other activities as well,” she offers. “The emphasis that was placed in our education to always look at the big picture and to assess each situation from ‘outside the box’ translated into my everyday life,” says Saltzburg, “I was able to develop this non-profit, always looking at the big picture and keeping my eye on the ultimate goal (fighting cancer).”

For the future, Saltzburg’s hope is to continue to hold charitable events in the South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Main Line regions. “I want Gloves for Love to grow and become a prominent cause, especially in our Villanova community, as I continue to work with the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia,” she says. Saltzburg looks forward to getting Villanovans involved with her organization, perhaps joining with the College of Nursing’s chapter of the Student Nurses’ Association of Pennsylvania, as she moves closer towards knocking out pediatric cancer.

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Top Materials Engineering Schools

The Cornell College of Engineering, with an overall ranking of 10th in the nation, had six of its graduate programs recognized in the top 10 of U.S. News and World Report's 2011 rankings of "America's Best Graduate Schools" and individual disciplines. Within the engineering disciplines, it is rated 8th for materials (tied with Georgia Tech, Pennsylvania State University, and University of Florida

Going To Seed

I HAVE previously used the expressing 'Aye Beenism' (it's aye been done that way) in these blogs. I make no apologies for using it again here.

Because one of the least-helpful examples of Aye Beenism is Scottish football's refusal to fully embrace seeding in its cup competitions. I appreciate the CIS Insurance (League) Cup is partially-seeded, in as much as the SPL clubs are kept apart in the early rounds, while those clubs in European action also have their situations kindly viewed when it comes to when they enter the fray, but this is not full and proper seeding.

I appreciate too the age-old convention whereby the top teams do not enter the Scottish Cup until the third round, but, here again, seeding is not, in my view, taken far enough.

At one time it didn't really matter if Kilmarnock or Dundee went out to a Highland League team, or if Rangers fell at the first hurdle, at Berwick - today such calamities might hurt Scottish football.

Because these days, Scottish football has to try as hard as it can to ensure we get our best clubs into Europe. We've managed it this year, with the clubs which finished first to fifth in the SPL - the five top clubs in Scotland - getting the five Euro spots, albeit as much by good luck as good judgement.

But in recent years this has not happened, with dire consequences for Scotland's UEFA co-efficient, our standing in Europe.

In tennis or match-play golf, you will never see the top players going head-to-head in the early rounds. Going into any tournament in which all four were playing Nadal, Federer, Murray and Djokovic will be seeded to be the four semi-finalists. It very rarely happens that they are, but if they're not, it will be because someone else had a good day and beat one of them - not that two went head-to-head before the last four.

The seedings means the cream will rise to the top, unless someone puts a spanner in the works, which is still good for the sport.

In Scottish football, the third round draw for the Scottish Cup could throw the top eight SPL clubs together in four head-to-heads. The four survivors could then be paired in the fourth round; the two survivors in the quarter-finals and you end up with a semi-final quartet comprising one SPL team and three SFL teams.

The SPL team then does an Aberdeen or a Celtic and loses in the last four: et voila, you've got two finalists who couldn't attract midges to a picnic and a Scottish Cup winning team which is going to lose to a Leichtenstein team in the first qualifying round for the Europa League, whereby Scotland drops another two places in the UEFA co-efficients.

This insistence that: "It's aye been done this way", that the luck of the draw has always thrown big clubs together in the early rounds is all well and good. But this goes directly against THE big thing about cup draws - the element of surprise, the way it occasionally throws up shock results such as Rangers losing at Berwick or Super Cally going ballistic at Celtic Park.

Seeding will not prevent such welcome surprises, but it will go a long way to lessening the damage done to Scottish football by teams such as Gretna qualifying for Europe.
Seeding might even help make our lesser competitions more sponsor-friendly. The Alba Challenge Cup draw was made yesterday and two of the top eight SFL clubs will not be in the quarter-finals, since Ross County were paired with Morton and Dunfermline Athletic with Queen of the South.

Call the Challenge Cup a diddy competition if you must, but the integrity of the event still calls for the better clubs to be there at the business end and losing two of these to too-early head-to-heads doesn't help this.
WHILE I'm being radical, what about the CIS Insurance (League) Cup?
This event is run by the SFL, who graciously allow the SPL clubs to compete. Since this is probably the competition in which they've got their best chance to beat the Old Firm, the other ten in the Top Twelve, plus the Big Two, are only too-happy to be involved.
But, this competition doesn't have the cachet of European qualification for the winners and with its demand for extra midweek games at a time when some clubs are still involved in Europe, frankly it's an intrusion.
The League Cup in England is viewed in a similar light, but down there, the bigger clubs tend to treat it as an opportunity to blood their best young players away from the pressure of Premiership points-gathering, so it has become an interesting side-show. The fans of the Big Four or Five clubs get a chance to see what young talent their club has coming through.
Would that the same opportunity was offered to Scottish fans. There is a lot of good young talent in the Old Firm's reserve ranks, as there also is elsewhere in the SPL, but because they HAVE to win every game - even a midweek diddy Cup tie against a lesser club, Messrs Smith and Lennon dare not be too radical in their team line-up.
Alex Ferguson could send a reserve squad to Scunthorpe for a midweek League Cup tie and nobody would bat an eye; were 'Walter' or 'Lenny' to do the same for a match at Elgin (like Scunny the 40th-best team in their land): cue banner headlines, a media frenzy and accusations of not taking the competition seriously.
Maybe the SFL should offer some encouragement, by simply amending the League Cup rules so that participating clubs had to field all-Scottish line-ups, or if that's a step too far, what's wrong with bringing back the "eight diddies" rule - whereby only three non-Scots can be on the field in any 11 players?

Scottish cricket has a Scots-only rule for some of its lesser cup competitions, why cannot Scottish football. You never know, we might just find the next Dalglish from this.

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Top Universities in Romania

Following are some of the top ranking universities in Romania:

University of Bucharest
- It is generally considered to be the country’s leading educational and research institution.
- Degrees awarded by the University of Bucharest are recognised in most countries. It is one of the most important centres of scientific research in the country.
- In 2000, the University of Bucharest has received

SJO nurses present ANCC 2010 Magnet Conference "virtual posters"

We are proud to announce St. Joseph Hospital of Orange nurses presenting two of the 25 "virtual posters" accepted at the 2010 ANCC Magnet Conference.

Transformational Leadership: Building Leadership Competency with Blended Learning by Vivian Norman, RN, MSN, CCRN and Factors Associated with Nurses' Discussions of Hospice by Denise Boyd, RN, BSN, OCN; Kristen Merkh, RN, BSN, OCN; Dana N. Rutledge, RN, PhD; and Victoria Randall, RN.

Their posters are now available for viewing at the ANCC 2010 National Magnet Conference Virtual Poster Session via Virtual World and will remain on view until the end of the October conference.

To access Virtual World please follow the steps below (note, the software required for entry into the Virtual World is not compatible with Mac).

  1. View this training video with step by step instructions (Windows Media Player 9 or later & speakers/headphones are required), or view the written instructions.
  2. Register and DOWNLOAD the Virtual World software which must be installed on your computer.
  3. You may need to work with your Information Systems department in order to be able to download the software at your desktop computer (if accessing Virtual World from work).
  4. Technical support for actual technical difficulties is available, call 1-800-679-3646 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time and ask for “virtual technical support.” You may also email virtual technical support at Please, carefully review the instructions above before asking for technical support.

Massage Therapist/P.T. Technician (Algonac, MI, USA)

Hi, Busy outpatient Physical Therapy office in Algonac, MI is seeking a full-time Massage Therapist/P.T. Technician. We offer competitive salaries, medical insurance, paid vacations, and paid holidays.

Job duties include performing massage therapy techniques to control pain, reduce stress and promote relaxation in a physical therapy setting. In collaboration with P.T., develops and implements a range of massage treatments to patients.

Operates therapeutic devices for the application of electrotherapy, ultrasound, heat, cold, traction and paraffin dip.

Performs miscellaneous job-related duties including laundry, equipment cleaning, etc.
Take care

Licensed Occupational Therapist (Wayne County, USA)

Hello and good morning,

Licensed Occupational Therapist for Home Health Agency.
Part time to start, then full time. Full time health benefits, retirement, direct deposit.
Pay is highly competitive.
Contact Judy at Cana Care, Inc.
734-557-3815 x 102

Cana Care, Inc.
17197 N. Laurel Park Drive
Suite 501
Livonia, MI 48152


Registered Nurse (Wayne County, United State)

HI and good afternoon,

Registered Nurse for home health agency.
Part time to start, then full time. Full time with benefits, health insurance, retirement, direct deposit.
Travel involved.
Pay incentives quarterly to keep us competitive.
734-557-3815 x 102

Cana Care, Inc.
17197 N. Laurel Park Drive
Suite 501
Livonia, MI 48152

Patient Services Technician Specialist/Phlebotomist (Novi, MI, United States)

Hello, Job Description : LabCorp is seeking an experienced Phlebotomist with great customer service skills to work in the Novi, Michigan area. This is a full-time position working 30 hours per week. The normal work hours are Monday & Wednesday from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm and Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 11:00 am -5:00 pm.
Phlebotomist with a minimum of two years experience as a patient service technician/phlebotomist, and may qualify as a floater. Skill and comprehension level required for this category: Phlebotomy certification (where required) from an accredited agency, completion of an approved phlebotomy training course, or equivalent experience through previous employment. Minimum of two years recent verifiable phlebotomy experience.
Exhibit proficiency in all of the following: blood collection by venipuncture and capillary technique from patients of all age groups, urine drug screen collections, paternity collections, breath/saliva alcohol testing, LCM/Cyber Tools, TestCup, pediatric blood collections, difficult draws (patients in mental care facilities, long-term care facilities, drug rehabilitation facilities, prisons, psychiatric facilities, or similar facilities).
Has comprehensive understanding of compliance and safety, and is able to effectively communicate the importance of compliance and safety to other employees.
Possess the ability and skills necessary to provide orientation and training for patient service technicians.
Occasional travel may be needed.
Good data entry skills as demonstrated by passing a data entry test.
Job Requirements : Requires a High School Diploma or equivalent with a minimum of two years of recent verifiable phlebotomy experience. Normally requires a Valid Driver’s License along with a clean driving record. If interested, please apply online at

Plant Medical Director Physician (Kansas City, USA)

* Provide Medical Care: Occupational illnesses and Injuries, Non-Occupational Illnesses and Injuries, Emergency Medical Service

* Departement Administered and Managed: Staffing, Facilities, Equipment, Supplies, Medical Records, Cost Containment Activity, Plant Medical Coverage

* Health Programs Administered: Mandated Programs (Government-OSHA), Corporate and Divisional Programs (Local and Joint), Special (Research Projects)

* Education and Training Obtained and Provided: Staff, Employees, Union

* Corporate and Community Inter-Disciplinary Consultation Provided: Plant Committees, Plant Departments, Hospital, Professional Relationships, Community

* Overall Health Services Objectives Met: Plant Goals, and Objectives, Department Objectives, Department Audits, Communications with Management

* Manage Plant Goals and Objectives: Cost, Quality, Responsiveness, People


* Doctor of Medicine, MD or DO with a current medical license in the state of Kansas

* 3-5 years experience in occupational and environmental medicine

* Exhibits exceptional clinical skills and abilities

* High level of initiative and sound independent judgment

* High level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others

* Demonstrated ability to motivate employees and elicit work output

* Advanced level of oral and written communication skills

* Completion of recommended corporate training programs

* Knowledge of computer systems & medical applications(M.D. or D.O. active license in state of Kansas

*****************To apply for this position please do so directly at:
Take care

Part-time RN/LPN Nurses Wanted for medical interviewing (Greater Detroit area, USA)

HI, We are currently recruiting individuals with a nursing background for a client who has an immediate need. The client offers services entailing the answering of inbound phone calls and conduct a pre-qualification medical questionnaire over the phone. The position requires you to have and maintain your own computer, broadband and landline phone with cord. Hours are flexible For more information, please go to and click on 'nurses Wanted'

Live Ins Needed ASAP (Oak/Mac County, United States)

Expierenced live in aides needed ASAP. Must have reliable transportation (your own vehicle) as well as open availability. Please fill out our online application at I will be calling for interviews as soon as today, through friday. If your heart is in this business please dont hesistate to apply!


Internist wanted (Auburn Hills, USA)

am looking for an internist who would be willing to rent space in my totally furnished, 3 exam room medical office. I have a senior day care and in need of a geriatric physician who would also be willing to work with the morbidly obese. This is an all in one medical office offering care to the geriatric and bariatric patient. I hope to find a caring and well qualified physician. We are located in Auburn Hills on beautiful Cross Creek Parkway in the middle of Oakland Technology Park.

Take care

Signing Bonus! Seeking Gastroenterologist in Ohio. (Lima, OH, USA)

Lima Memorial Health System seeks a board certified/board eligible gastroenterologist. We provide an attractive salary plus productivity potential. Our comprehensive benefits include health insurance, 401K, paid malpractice, lucrative time off and signing bonus/loan assistance option.

Lima Memorial Hospital is a 300-bed general acute hospital providing a full spectrum of medical services for a ten county region. The Timmermeister Surgery Center (a 24,000 square foot facility) opened in January 2008 and offers the region's most advanced surgical suites.

We offer a professional rewarding work environment with EMR and shared call.

Located in Northwest Ohio along I-75, you’ll discover the charm, history and hospitality of Lima and Allen County (with an area population of approximately 110,000). Lima’s strategic location makes it just a short drive to Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and Ft. Wayne, Indiana. As Ohio’s most important middle market, Lima offers a dynamic economy which includes industrial, educational agricultural, financial, medical and retail activity.

Highlights of this ideal are include:
An unprecedented amount of new capital investment into growing companies in the area such as Global Energy, General Dynamics and their Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, Greater Ohio Ethanol, Proctor & Gamble, Ford Motor Company, American Trim, Accubuilt, Ineos and Valero.
Home to The Ohio State University at Lima, Bluffton University, Ohio Northern University, University of Northwestern Ohio and James A. Rhodes State College (24th fastest growing 2-year college in the nation).
At the forefront of The Arts in Lima you’ll find ArtSpace/Lima, a not-for-profit organization established to promote the arts and entertainment activities in the city and surrounding area. They are housed in a 60,000 square foot historic building in Downtown Lima. In their Ellen Nelson Gallery, ArtSpace/Lima features seven annual exhibits. Another popular event is the Hothouse Jazz Ensemble held in December, plus the Pickle’s Blues Extravaganza. The Veteran’s Memorial Civic and Convention Center and adjoining Crouse Performance Hall, which the Lima Symphony Orchestra calls home, is another top-notch venue.
For history buffs, you’ll find the Allen County Museum and Historical Society (the only county museum in Ohio accredited by the American Association of Museums), MacDonell House, John H. Keller Memorial Lincoln Park Railway Exhibit and Lima Fire Fighters Memorial Museum.
As for recreation, you can bike or jog the eight-mile stretch of the Rotary River Walk, hit the links on one of 10 area golf courses or frolic in one of the area’s 25 parks. If your preference is indoor activity, Lima is home to the largest YMCA in Northwest Ohio.
When it comes to shopping, the options are endless, from national chains to home-grown retailers. The Lima metro area has ranked #2 in Ohio in annual sales per household for the last 10 years and #1 in general merchandise sales per household for the last five years.
With unbelievable home values and a ranking of 4th most affordable place to do business (by KPMG,LLC), you will want to make Lima your new home! ID#134787D16.

For more information, please contact:
Joanie Hill
800-678-7858 x63318


At Last, Life after Medicare: MOMS for the 21st Century

by Kathryn Kravetz Carr, CNM, Chair ACNM Government Affairs CommitteeAt last Medicare reimbursement equity for nurse-midwives will begin in January. As I start my first year as chair of ACNM’s Government Affairs Committee, we are riding high on the glory that comes from decades of hard work. Now we are blessed with the opportunity to work on something new, at last, something new!Maximizing

Top MBA Programs in Australia

Following are some of the top MBA programs offered in Australia:

University of Adelaide Business School - Rated as the Best Value Australian MBA (Singapore's Edupoll Education Guide).

University of Queensland Business School - Ranked in the top 5 nationally by the Economist Intelligence Unit's Which MBA? survey (2008).

Melbourne Business School - The MBA program is ranked 79th in 2007, 75th in

Oxis donations, for the development of medicine

Oxis is a company focused on developing therapeutic products, including nutraceutical products, commerceutical proprietary products and formulations and clinical products for treatment of materials.

The main product is a product developed by a super-antioxidant products, compound, L-Ergothioneire (Ergo).
Therapeutic compounds and clinical products Can be Used to treat disease, anti aging,antioxidant, glutathione, penny stocks and free radical.

For more information see :
Oxis on Twitter
Oxis on facebook

Innovate or Die

SCOTLAND led the world when it came to football innovation. We invented the passing game, but, in the past half century or so, all the innovation - from cattenaccio, via Hungary pulling Nandor Hideghuti back into the "hole" via 4-2-4, 4-3-3, "total football" to holding midfielders, pine tree formations, 4-5-1 to today's telephone number formations - has come from overseas.

England may have invented dribblers, but the likes of Wee Jinky, Willie Henderson, Davie Cooper, Eddie Gray and Scots-born and coached Aiden McGeady can stand comparison with anyone when it comes to that art. Likewise we've had sitting midfielders, play-makers, wing backs, boix-to-box midfielders and enforcers as good as any.

One area however, where we seem to be lacking is in set-piece originality. OK, Willie Carr came up with the donkey kick, which was immediately outlawed and Aberdeen, under Alex Ferguson, came up with the fall-out free kick (Gordon Strachan arguing with a team mate, then, when the opposition were distracted, floating one in for Mark McGhee to score from) - but, these apart, nothing.

We have not, since Coop departed the game, produced a rival to Beckham, Van Hoojdonk or Nakamura, when it comes to close-range free kicks - although I'd like to think, given encouragement and practice, Faddy or Riordan could be up there with the best.

Not that Scottish players don't think about set pieces. I recall, shortly after lifting first became legal in rugby lines out, the young Chris Iwelumo telling me: he believed IF, he could get two big central defenders as lifter and blocker and (even bigger IF) he could get a set-piece taker to put the ball in the right place, he could get above everyone and head home.

I put the scenario to referee Willie Young, who said immediately: they'd ban the move. So much for innovation in the 21st century.

But, it's not dead. In recent weeks I've seen You Tube clips of two highly-innovative set pieces. Firstly there was the penalty in the Japanese J League; one player placed the ball on the spot, turned and walked back to the edge of the D, he turned to face the keeper, who was so-busy watching him, he didn't notice the player running from the opposite side of the D to clip the ball past him and score.
Then there was the recent clip of the Spanish Under-19 player, who ran up as if to hit the penalty right-footed, then virutally toe-poked a left-foot shot past the wrong-footed keeper.

I don't think there has been an innovative penalty-taker in Scotland since wee Johnny Hubbard of Rangers, the South African who had umpteen different ways of scoring from the spot. Of course, as Rangers' regular penalty expert, Hubbard got more practice than most.

And maybe that's where we are going wrong, our players don't practice enough. But that has been a hardy annual moan for many years now and I don't see the men who run our game rushing to make the players change.

In other sports: basketball, hockey, Rugby Union and League, players practice set-pieces, simply because it's perhaps their best chance of scoring. You control the ball and when it's hit, you're holding all the aces. Why cannot football do this.

In pre-season training in American Football, the coaches come up with a series of set plays, which the players then practice until they can perform them perfectly, to order. They run these drills in every practice session and this practice pays off.

Every player has a play book, outlining the drill and their particular part in its execution. This has been standard procedure in the game since the days of leather helmets and minimal padding.

The play book is standard issue too in American basketball and in baseball. American sport is truly professional; in comparison we're still playing at sport.

Let's see a bit of professionalism and a dollop of innovation coming back into Scottish football. Who knows, it might pay off and we get back into the front line of the game.

Monday, July 26, 2010

ESADE Business School - Rankings

ESADE Business School is one of the world's best business schools, located in Barcelona, Spain. It is highly regarded as one of the top global centers of management education.

ESADE Business School is one of the few business schools worldwide accredited by the three most prestigious accreditation organisations: European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS); The Association to Advance Collegiate

Proverb says "Do not buy a cat in a sack, used to investigate these cats, whether red, brown, black, or white, whether the cat illness, or hairy beautiful and sharp-eyed."

But of all the more important it is who sells the cat? Does he have a high credibility and be trusted?

Same with your car warranty, so when you have your car, there are no things that are not pleasant, which caused because you are not careful in considering what you get warranty.
There are many things you need to consider to choose the car you like, for example in terms of what facilities exist in the car? how much budget do you have? Capital and what you like best? Well, so it is with your car warranty. Here are things to consider when you choose your warranty program.

1. How long do you want to have a car?

The longer you want to have these car, you should be more selective in choosing your vehicle warranty program. Choose the products that actually provide benefits for you, both long term and short term. If you want to have a car with a long time exceeding three years, it's worth your chosen product is the auto warranty, so automatically after the factory warranty expires, immediately covered with an auto warranty.

2. What is contained within the provisions of the extended warranty program?

How reduction system as outlined in the articles of the warranty. If a reduction system based on number of visits, of course you do any repairs, it still decrease the amount of her policy based on your requests. Whereas if the reduction system is based on the number of repairs carried out, of course many times as you do visit, stay, calculated how many repairs are done on your car. Included here is also how long the process claim is approved?

3. Track record company that issued the warranty?

The more credible the company that issued the warranty, the more you will feel safe. The better companies will increasingly rapid process of filing your claim is approved. You definitely do not want on your car is in trouble, coupled with problems of filing the claim for a very long time.

Well, three things can become a benchmark in considering what a good warranty for your car and in accordance with your wishes and needs. My advice, contact TOLL FREE: (888)500-7311 you will be guided in choosing the best car warranty or extended warranty.

Thinking about going to college

Thinking about going to college? This might be helpful.
Have you figured out what you want to do?

If you haven’t that’s alright. Exploring can be half the fun.

The Department of Education is a great place to start. This website has many helpful areas. Here is the link to find out about colleges. It will take you to section called college navigator.
COLLEGE NAVIGATOR helps you find different schools with your interests in your area. There is a button that will help guide you through the process. It is at the bottom on right under the show results button.
I bring this up because I had to use it during my search.

You want to make sure you are going to an accredited school. Clicking on this accredited school takes you to the accrediting agencies.

Need FEDERAL STUDENT AID here is the link to get started

This can be the start of something wonderful so have fun exploring.

Going back to school after 40

Going back to school after 40.
This can be a little scary and exciting all at the same time. It doesn’t matter if you need to take your GED*link for GED test$FD$3F$
or you’re going to graduate school *link for GRE test

You need to do your homework to find out what you will require to go back to school.
I suggest you get a file and a notebook. If this is the first time you have ever been to college you might have to take entrance tests or placement tests. Don’t let that scare you. There probably an app for that if not there is a website that has a practice exam or information on the test.

Write, type or record everything you will need for admissions to the colleges you have chosen. Some schools charge a high application fee, some might have fee waivers and some do not charge a fee at all. One community college I found that won’t charge you an application fee if you complete the application online is Jefferson Community and Technical College.
Take a look at their requirements for admissions as an example.

Be persistent!!! If you apply for a college write down the date you send in the application and make sure you follow up with the admissions department. Remember to get names of the people you speak to and write down the dates. Make a phone list so that you won’t spend extra time looking up the numbers over and over again.

Start the process early enough so that you’re not stress trying to get items in a rush. Remember to put everything associated with your school in your file.

Can you get tax breaks from going back to school? Good question! Contact the IRS and check out this link to the IRS tax page for education credits.,,id=213044,00.html

Remember this is new great adventure. There are more and more adults going back to school after 40 so you won’t be alone.

This Makes Me Sick

Today I learned that my ward is gaining more beds.  We will be taking more acute patients and having higher throughput.  After a letter writing campaign initiated by myself, the ward sister and another senior staff nurse a letter was received by management.  "We are sorry to hear of your staffing issues.  You will be getting extra staff in the form of .5 of an auxillary. By our calculations this will bring you to a full complement of staff". 

What. The. Fuck.

We are losing two HCA's.  This leaves us with two HCA's in total on the duty roster.  The other care assistants are all inexperienced apprentices and auxillaries.   I know of 4 HCA's who want jobs on my ward.  They have been turned away.

Management has taken the only room on the ward that we have for lunch breaks and handover and are turning it into a patient sideroom.  This leaves us cramped into a very small space for handover. 

The day staff had to sit on the floor while the night nurse who had been on duty for over 14 hours had to sit precariously on a wobbly ledge thing for the change of shift handover.  It takes a half an hour at least to handover.  Talk about uncomfortable. If we handover at the nurse's station patients will overhear us and report us for "breaching their privacy".

Breaks are impossible.  The staff nurse really isn't in a position to leave the ward for a 15 minute walk to the canteen due to short staffing.  She won't have another nurse to watch her patients. She will not be able to eat in the cramped handover room from hell unless she sits on the floor and wants to get interrupted every 2 seconds.  That means the staff nurse's only option is to eat at the nurse's station thus inviting a whole bunch of smart ass comments from visitors and doctors who do not realise that she is only taking 10 minutes to eat in a 12 hour shift.  Nor do they realise that she has no where to go to eat.

Then I come home from work and see this shit.

What the hell is going on?

Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Rebecca Romijn (36) claimed to have been lowered as much as 27.2 kg of weight since giving birth twin daughters, Charlie and Dolly, four months ago. This was done without the exercise. According to Ugly Betty's star, is nursing a secret slim. "It was like we had to eat 5. 000 calories a day. If not, we can not provide enough food for them (the children). So, the process is also fun, "Jerry O'Connell's wife ujat this.

Rebecca even felt in the first three weeks he has lost 16 pounds without doing anything. "I can not exercise too much because my daughter twins. There's no way it was back to the training schedule as before, "he added. Nevertheless, he realized that he could not hope to be back to his old form. "There is excess weight that must be removed. "

Could it be an effective way Rebecca was conducted for all new mothers? We know not all women were given the ability to lean back quickly after giving birth. Basically, your weight would go down after birth, but not all. During pregnancy, body weight generally increases between 11 and 16 kg. After childbirth, the amount decreased by approximately 5-7 kg. So, there are still remaining overweight.

Breastfeeding is a good way to accelerate weight loss. Have proven that breastfeeding out certain hormones in the body for the first 12 months after childbirth that helps the uterus return to its form prior to pregnancy. When breastfeeding, whatever we eat will be processed into milk and baby food will take over from you.

In addition to nursing, there is no other way to lose weight but dieting and exercise. However, we must ensure that both have this done by way of a healthy and safe. You can start exercising 40 days after birth. Obviously, choose sports that are not too heavy. This exercise can you copy :
  1. Lie down with your spine straight and bend your knees. Keep your feet flat on the floor (or bed) and knee meetings.
  2. Slowly move your knee is bent to the right until your right thigh to touch the outside floor. Make sure your upper body (abdomen and chest) facing straight upwards.
  3. Then turn it back onto his knees, then to the left so that the outer left thigh touching the floor.
  4. Repeat this movement several times. This relaxed motion will improve the stiff joints and relieve back pain after childbirth.

After your condition is strong enough, you can walk for 30 minutes every day. After the better, do jogging as running effectively burn calories. You can use a treadmill to find out how many calories you've wasted. Another way to burn calories is to take care of your own baby by cutting assistance from family or servants.

What about diet ?
You certainly have often heard that a healthy diet, including :
  1. Stop eating foods and beverages a sweet tooth. Reduce the sugar from the beverage that you enjoy, stop drink-drink cans, and stay away from cakes, brownies, chocolate, and so forth. More consumption of water.
  2. Reduce carbohydrates because carbohydrates turn into sugar in the body and keeps you on the weight when pregnant. If you want to be healthier (because you also still produce milk), look for cookbooks that offer food combining diet is also helpful for slimming.
  3. Add fiber to your diet, like fruits and vegetables. Do not forget to keep drinking milk, but select the product or even low-fat milk and yogurt is fat free.
  4. Reduce your meal. How many servings are enough for us? Take meat, fish, or chicken, 85 ounces (or about the size of the palm of our hands). Cheese 28 ounces (or about the size of your thumb), and 1 teaspoon butter (the size of your thumb nail).
In order for the hard work is successful, there are three things we need to remember: patience, motivation and trust that you will come back healthy and slim.

Translated from : www. compass. com

A Small Far Away Country Of Which We Know Little

THE above heading may have been used by Neville Chamberlain in the lead-up to World War II, but, increasingly, I feel it sums-up Metropolitan London's approach to Scotland - and Scottish sport.

Down there, at the far end of the Watford Gap, they have great difficulty in differentiating between England and Great Britain. We Scots are seen as a bunch of troublesome subsidy junkies of whom they (Middle England) would be better shot off.

Of course, this anti-Scottishness never quite bubbles up to the extent of them actually letting us go. I believe the debate, in fact the whole stooshie, would be great fun, should say a Tory Prime Minister, with a huge English majority, ever pick-up the telephone to the Scottish First Minister and say: "OK, you win, you can have your independence".

But, enough of politics - back to fitba.

Today, right out of left field, The Scotsman ran an article concerning Lord Sebastian Coe's belief that the "British" football team in the 2012 London Olympics, really ought to be just that - a "British" team, with players from all four Home Countries, instead of, as currently planned, being an "England" team by any other name.

I thought England had won this argument. The (English) Football Association has, for 105 years, been the sport of football's representatives on the British Olympic Association, who run the British Olympic Games teams across the whole range of sports.

EVERY other Olympic sport, from archery to yachting, in which the four Home Countries compete internationally as individual nations, put together an umbrella organisation to represent that sport on the BOA - football didn't, Olympic football, in this country has always been the FA's game.

Britain opted out after 1972, when the FA abolished the distinction between amateur and professional players; this meant they could no longer enter a Team GB, since the Olympics were then resolutely amateur.

This is no longer the case and as hosts, Team GB is entitled to enter a football team in 2012, this caused conflict. When this notion first arose the Northern Irish, Scots and Welsh, mindful of their independence as international nations in their own right, wanted nothing to do with a Team GB in 2012 - although the Irish wavered a bit - while the rebellious Scots led the opposition.

Finally, a compromise was reached whereby Team GB would be an England-only production; FIFA made certain promises regarding the continued international independence of the three Celtic nations and, brow-beaten on all sides, the SFA dropped their opposition.

Now, less than a year on, the English having got their own way - Lord Coe is making waves - or is he?

His background is in athletics; he hasn't a clue about football politics, he doesn't give a stuff about Scotland's entirely justified qualms about this 2012 team; all he wants is a successful London Olympics. He feels, perhaps, an England-only Team GB football squad will not fully reflect that these are British games - that's my reading any way.

But, if he has his way, the international independence of ALL FOUR British football associations will be compromised.

If a British team takes the field in London in 2012, it will play into the hands of Jack Warner and those other FIFA big wigs who hate the fact that all four British countries are independent at FIFA. It will play into the hands of those (English)FA "blazers" who think they are football in these islands. It may have dire consequences for the SFA.

The men who strut the corridors of power at Hampden MUST make certain, by agreeing to let the English play at home, it doesn't lead to the end of Scotland as an independent football nation.

The FA has won the battle, now, apparently, this wasn't enough. I'm concerned, very concerned.

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A Fool And His Money

IT'S indeed an old saying that a fool and his money are easily parted. It would be cheeky in the extreme to say the people running that football institution Glasgow Celtic FC are fools, but - come on, £2 million for Gary Hooper, a player who isn't even a household name in his own household, has to make one question the sanity of Neil Lennon and his masters.

For a start, the last two Scunthorpe United players to attract this sort of attention were the teenaged Kevin Keegan and a Scunthorpe reserve centre forward named Ian Botham, whose true talents lay elsewhere.

Nothing in his record suggests Mr Hooper is a Keegan (even if KK was arguably the most-over-rated of the many over-rated England "greats" of the past half century), far less a Botham (now there was a genuine superstar).

Let's put it into context: Scunthorpe United last season were the 40th best side in the English Leagues. That makes them the English equivalent of Elgin City. Celtic fans, would you see an Elgin City striker, even one who had scored regularly in the league, as the man to score goals for The Hoops?

Yep, though not, me neither.

And what message does this send to the young players at Lennoxtown? Without going too-deeply into West of Scotland bigotry, the fact is, the vast majority of the guys who run the football at the Roman Catholic Secondary Schools in the West of Scotland (and perhaps further afield) to a man have one ambition - to see one of their boys make it all the way to a first-team jersey at Celtic Park.

That's not conjecture - I was told that by one of the most-experienced of that group, when he retired from teaching. He made it clear, although he had set two Scotland Under-21 internationalists on their way to lengthy careers in the game, he had never produced a Celtic first-team player, and felt unfulfilled as a result.

Therefore, Celtic have an unpaid, unofficial army of recruiting officers, dedicated to ensuring a steady supply of promising players arrive at the club. Celtic has had arguably the best record in the SPL's age group competitions over the past decade - but most of these young players end-up elsewhere.

What does the decision to chase Hooper say to Cilian Sheridan for instance? He's scored goals in the SPL, he's served his time. He has seen Scott McDonald depart, Giorgios Samaras could be on his way - but, it's apparently not Sheridan who will get the chance to make the striker's place his own, it's some guy we've never heard of, with no apparent Celtic connection, who hasn't played in as good a league as Sheridan, for as long.

There again, perhaps Hooper will out-score Henrik Larsson, in which case his agent will get him a nice EPL gig. But, if he's that good and only on-offer at £2 million - how come he's not a squad player in the EPL? That's small change in that league.


Top 10 Economics Schools

Following are some of the top 10 best economics departments/schools:

Lancaster University Management School (UK)
- LUMS has been ranked among the top 10 (No. 9) in the world in a category called 'best schools for economics' in the Financial Times 2004 ranking of the top 100 global MBA programmes.
- The FT ranking of Top 10 schools for Economics are: MIT: Sloan (1st), University of Chicago GSB (

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Online Marketing Degree Program

Leading universities offering online marketing degree programs:

Colorado Technical University
- It offers the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree with Concentration in Marketing. The program is designed to help students develop business savvy, strong communication skills and a high level of creativity.
- Students with no previous college experience can complete this degree in

SQUAT in New York City!

As of last week, SQUAT is now available at Book Thug Nation in Brooklyn, St. Marks Bookstore in Manhattan, and soon to be found at Bluestockings. After a crazy stay in the city, myself-Jaydee, accomplished the goal of having hard copies ready and waiting for those who've asked. It was quite the journey, much different than my current stay in Olympia. I found myself sweating in subways at 2 am wondering if the train would ever come, singing a Rancid song from long-ago, glorifying the current location (52nd & Broadway) and my home of Oly, and meeting many people who were so into this journal, that my mind was blown! It is nice to be back and hard at work on the next issue and Camp, but that was sure an awesome trip! Thanks to Rachel and AP, who will be working to promote SQUAT further in the city-watch for events, and all of those who supported this venture.... Read ON!

Submissions still needed for the Fall issue!

We are extending the submission deadline for SQUAT Issue no.2 (Fall 2010) to AUGUST 31st.

We are looking for articles, stories, artwork, photography and POP-A-SQUAT questions.

Articles can be on a range of birth, midwifery and parenting topics. Please try not to exceed 2500 words. We welcome the submission of birth stories that are 1500 words or less. File formats we accept are .doc , .docx , and .txt.

Photography and artwork submissions are best if (much) larger than 800 X 600 pixels (H X W ratio does not matter). Image files may be .jpeg, .gif or .psd. High resolution and large files are appreciated for good image quality.

We are also looking for questions directed to our new column called POP-A-SQUAT. Questions can be on the topic of reproduction, midwifery or... whatever you think fits.

All submissions should be sent to Send POP-A-SQUAT questions to Subject: POP-A-SQUAT

Top MBA Programs in Germany

Following are some of the top MBA programs offered by leading business schools in Germany:

Mannheim Business School
- It is one of Europe's leading institutions for business education.
- Ranked 12th in Europe and 26th in the world according to the Economic Intelligence Unit Full Time MBA Ranking 2009.
- Mannheim is accredited by AACSB International, EQUIS and AMBA, the three leading

Australian Catholic University Profile

Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public university funded by the Australian Government, offering undergraduate and postgraduate education in disciplines including arts, business, business information systems, education, educational leadership, exercise science, environmental science, music, midwifery, nursing, paramedicine, philosophy, psychology, social work, social sciences, theology,

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Nursing Care Plan for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

NCP for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)


CHFCongestive heart failure (CHF) is generally classified as systolic or diastolic heart failure and becomes progressively more common with increasing age.

Systolic heart failure: The pumping action of the heart is reduced or weakened. A common clinical measurement is the ejection fraction (EF). The ejection fraction is a calculation of how much blood is ejected out of the left ventricle (stroke volume), divided by the maximum volume remaining in the left ventricle at the end of diastole or relaxation phase. A normal ejection fraction is greater than 50%. Systolic heart failure has a decreased ejection fraction of less than 50%.

Diastolic heart failure: The heart can contract normally but is stiff, or less compliant, when it is relaxing and filling with blood. This impedes blood filling into the heart and produces backup into the lungs and CHF symptoms. Diastolic heart failure is more common in patients older than 75 years, especially in women with high blood pressure. In diastolic heart failure, the ejection fraction is normal.


Can be classified according to the following changes :
  1. Volume overload: especially with left to right shunts that may cause the RV to hypertrophy in order to compensate for the additional blood volume.
  2. Pressure overload: resulting from obstructive lesions such as valvular stenosis or coarctation of the aorta.
  3. Decreased contractility: primarily factors that affect the contractility of the myocardium, such as cardiomyopathy or myocardial schema from severe anemia or asphyxia, low level of potassium, glucose, calcium or magnesium.
  4. High cardiac output demands: in which the body ‘s need for oxygenated blood exceeds the heart out put (even though the volume may be normal), such as in sepsis, hyperthyroidism and severe anemia.


Heart failure is often separated into two categories; right sided and left sided failure. In right sided failure, the right ventricle is unable to pump blood effectively into the pulmonary artery resulting in increased pressure in the right atrium and systemic venous circulation. Systemic venous hypertension causes Hepatosplenomegaly and occasionally edema.

In left sided failure, the left ventricle is unable to pump blood into the systemic circulation resulting in increased pressure in the left atrium and pulmonary veins. The lungs become congested with blood, causing elevated pulmonary pressure and pulmonary edema.

Nursing Diagnosis
  1. Decreased cardiac out put related to structural defect, myocardial dysfunction.

    Goal : The patient will: Exhibit improved cardiac output.
    Expected outcome :
    • Heartbeat is strong, regular and within normal limits for age.
    • Peripheral perfusion is adequate

    Nursing Intervention :
    • Administer digoxin (lanoxin) as ordered.
    • Nursing established precaution to prevent toxicity.
    • Often an E.C.G. rhythm strip is taken to assess cardiac status before administration.
    • Ensure adequate intake of K.
    • Monitor serum potassium levels (decrease enhances digoxin toxicity).
    • Administer medications to decrease over load as ordered.
    • Check blood pressure.
    • Observe for signs of hypotension.
    • Monitor electrolyte levels.
  2. Ineffective breathing pattern related to pulmonary congestion.

    Goal : The patient will: Exhibit improved respiratory function.
    Expected outcome : Respirations remain with normal limits; color is good and infant rest quietly.

    Nursing Intervention :
    • Place inclined posture of 30 to 45 degree tilt mattress support of incubator, place older infant in sent (fowler’s position).
    • Avoid any constricting clothing or restraints around abdomen and chest.
    • Administer humidified O2 as prescribed.

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Nursing Care Plan for Organic Phosphate Insecticide Poisoning

Organic Phosphate Insecticide Intoxication

Pesticides are all used to eradicate pests, which included the following :
  • Insecticides : Especially for insects
  • Rodenticides : To eradicate rats
  • Herbicide : To eradicate the nuisance plants.

Two kinds of insektisidayang most widely used :
  • Hydrochloric hydrocarbon
  • Organic phosphate insecticide

Organic Phosphate Insecticide properties
Insecticides kholin esterase inhibitor is the most potent insecticides used in agriculture with high toxicity. Can penetrate normal skin, can be absorbed through the lungs and esophagus, not accumulate in body tissues.


The most prominent is the salivary glands hyperactivity / tears / sweat / urinary / digestive tract of food (abbreviated as SLUD = Salivasi, Lakrimasi, urination and diarrhea), difficulty breathing abnormalities and visual acuity.
  • Mild poisoning
    • Anoriksia
    • headaches
    • feeling weak
    • Fear
    • tongue tremor
    • tremor eyelid
    • Pupil miosis
  • Moderate Poisoning
    • Nausea, Vomiting, vomiting - Seizures / abdominal cramps, Hipersalivasi, hyperhidrosis, muscle fasciculation, Bradikardi
  • Severe poisoning
    • Diarrhoea, Pupil "pin-point", the light reaction (-), Shortness of breath, Sianosos, Pulmonary Edema, Inkonteinensia urine, feces Inkotinensia, convulsions, Coma, Blockade of heart, Finally died

Nursing Assessment
  • Vital signs
    • Respiratory Distress
    • Cyanosis
    • Takipnoe
  • Neurology
    Organic Phosphate Insecticide causes higher levels of CNS toxicity, its effects include lethargy, sensitive to stimulation, dizziness, stupor and coma.
  • GI Tract
    Mouth irritation, burning sensation in the mouth and esophagus mucous membranes, nausea and vomiting.
  • Cardiovascular
  • Dermal
    Skin irritation
  • Ocular
    Kurnea burns
  • Laboratory
    • Red blood cells were decreased
    • Proteinuria
    • Haematuria
    • Hipoplasi bone marrow

Nursing Diagnosis

High risk of lack of fluid volume associated with loss of body fluids is abnormally
Objective: There was no shortage of liquid
Evaluation criteria:
Adequate fluid balance
  • Vital signs stable
  • Stable skin turgor
  • Mucous membranes moist
  • Expenditure normal urine 1-2 cc / kg body weight / hour

Nursing Intervention :
  1. Monitor income and expenditure of fluid.
    Rational: Accurate documentation can assist in identifying spending and replacement fluids.
  2. Monitor the temperature of the skin, palpation of peripheral pulses.
    Rational: cold and moist skin, weak pulse may indicate impairment of peripheral circulation and the need for additional fluid replacement.
  3. Note the presence of nausea, vomiting, bleeding
    Rational: Nausea, vomiting and excessive bleeding can refer to hipordemia.
  4. Monitor vital signs
    Rational: hypotension, tachycardia, increased respiration indicates the lack of fluid (dehydration / hypovolaemia).
  5. Give fluids parinteral in collaboration with his medical team.
    Rational: The liquid parenteral fluid volume required to support / prevent hypotension.
  6. Collaboration in the provision antiemetik
    Rational: Antiemetik can eliminate the nausea / vomiting which can cause imbalance of income.
  7. Give oral re-entry gradually.
    Rational: Inclusion of peroral dependent upon the return of gastrointestinal function.
  8. Monitor laboratory studies (Hb, Ht).
    Rational: As an indicator / kehilanan volume with fluid circulation.