Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hmmm... that's odd

So last week my attending (the rock star woman who is highly respected in the city, university, and medical community) told us that we were some of the best students she had worked with and she gave us (well at least me... can't say for the others, but I assume so) great evals. She even had gifts for us (books with personal notes in them) the following week at class as a thank-you/congrats. THIS week, we have a new attending... who also acts like (and actually said so) he likes us.

However, our new resident doesn't seem to like us. First off, we were supposed to meet her at 7am the first day in the conference room. Which we were all there. And she wasn't. So we waited. 45 minutes later she shows up. Ok, fine. So she's late. No biggie. However.... the first words out of her mouth were "Ok, so my expectations. First, don't be late.". We all kind of looked at her like she's nuts... but ok whatever. Now, onto the end of the week (yesterday).... she pulls the three of us aside and says she has problems with our professionalism. That we should be on time (to my knowledge I have never been even a minute late for anything), and that it is highly unprofessional to be writing anything on rounds (um, so I'm supposed to just memorize everything?)... and that we are so lucky to have her and a "nice" attending because we would get our asses chewed by anyone else... and that she's doing us a favor.

THEN during rounds... the attending asks her a question... something like "What part of the gut does iron get absorbed? I can't remember"... she shrugs her shoulders, doesn't know.... and neither do the interns. Then he asks us, and none of the three of us know either. Then she incredulously says (rather rudely) "Seriously? I mean, you guys JUST took step 1".

Needless to say, I'm a HUGE fan of hers.

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