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Nursing Care Plan for Hypertension

Nursing Assessment Nursing Care Plan for Hypertension

Assessment is the main basis of the nursing process. Assessment is the first step in one of the nursing process (Gaffar, 1999). Activities undertaken in the assessment is gathering data and formulating priority issues. In the assessment - a careful collection of data about clients, their families, the data obtained through interviews, observation and examination.

The data collected can be divided into two (Kelliat, Budi Ana., 1995) :
  1. Data base
  2. Specific data relating to the current situation of the client which can be determined by the nurse, client or family.
The purpose of nursing assessment is to collect data, classify data and analyze the data. Thus concluded a nursing diagnosis (Gaffar, 1999).

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Nursing Diagnosis Nursing Care Plan for Hypertension

  1. Risk for Decreased Cardiac Output related to Increased afterload, vasoconstriction and myocardial ischemia.

  2. Acute pain related to increased cerebral vascular pressure.

  3. Activity Intolerance related to general weakness, imbalance Between supply and demand of oxygen.

  4. Risk for Ineffective Tissue Perfusion : cerebral, renal, cardiac related to circulatory disorders.

  5. Imbalanced Nutrition: More Than body requirements related to the input of excessive, monotonous lifestyle, cultural beliefs.

  6. Inefektif Individual Coping related to situational crisis / maturasional, the support system is inadequate, ineffective coping methods.

  7. Deficient Knowledge related to lack of information about the disease process and self-care.

Nursing Intervention Nursing Care Plan for Hypertension

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