Sunday, June 5, 2011

On nurses....

I'm sure this post is going to go over like a match on gasoline... but really... I need to vent. So let me preface this venting session with a couple things:

1) I am a HUGE advocate for treating everyone alike, getting along with everyone, and for doing my best to refute stereotypes in the workplace.
2) I have worked in many hospitals (a dozen in several different states) and dealt with 100's of nurses... so my "opinion" isn't based off of 3 nurses in my hospital.

So here's my question. WHAT'S UP WITH THE EFFIN' ATTITUDE?

Do nurses really get treated THAT badly by everyone that they cannot muster a clean slate when they meet new people? Let me throw out a few scenarios here. All different nurses, mind you.

Scenario #1

Me: Hi Nurse 1. I'm Ella, part of Dr. X's team. Are you patient Y's nurse?

Nurse: Maybe. Depends on why you want to know.

Me: (smile... trying to break the ice) Ok, well when you have a chance he'd like to get his nicotine patch.

Nurse: Don't know why you bother. He's just going to rip it off later.

Me: Well, maybe, but he asked me... so I'd like to get him one while he's in the mood for trying.

Nurse: (Very snotty) Well, YOU'RE just going to have to wait.

Me: No prob. Like I said, whenever you get a chance.

Nurse: Well IF I get a chance I will.

Scenario #2

Me: Hi nurse 2. Dr. X is worried about patient Y and he'd like to get a glucose check right now.... I don't mean to rush you... but I think it's pretty important.

Nurse: JESUS CHRIST! Like I don't have anything else to do.

Scenario #3

Me: Hey is that patient Y's chart? Do you mind if I just sneak this note in there real quick?

Nurse: Is this your patient? Why has he been here so long? He needs to go!

Me: Well, he's got (really bad disease X). And he needs daily treatment.

Nurse: Well, I don't feel sorry for him. He does cocaine, right?

Me: Well, his tox screen was positive... but that's not related to the disease.

Nurse: Well, still. We shouldn't be putting so much effort into him.

Me: Well, that's what we do here. Help sick people.

Nurse: Hmpppfh.

Scenario #4

Me: (trying to get some blank progress notes which have been placed near a nurses desk... and I'm not even in the way or near any of her personal space/ things)...

Nurse: What do you need (attitude 10/10 on the bitchy scale)??

Me: Oh, hey, sorry I didn't realize this was your desk. I am just looking for the progress notes.

Nurse: Well this is MY desk.

Me: Oh. Ok. Well Dr. X said this is where they are kept.... but maybe he was confused. Is there some other place I should get them from?

Nurse: Nope.

Me: Well.... ok...

Nurse: Sigh. Well, go ahead.

Me: Big smile on the outside. Dagger of death on the inside.

Scenario #5

Me: Hi Nurse 5 (who is in charge of LTAC placement). I'm Ella. Dr. X was wondering if you know of any LTAC facilities that will do IV meds for 10 days.

Nurse: No.

Me: Well the problem is XYZ. Can you think of any way that we can deal with that?

Nurse: No.

Me: What about Facility X?

Nurse: No

Me: Facility Y?

Nurse: No

Me: I heard they will make special accommodations as long as the patient is ambulatory. Would you be willing to check?

Nurse: No.

And I can give 100 more scenarios like these....

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