Sunday, June 5, 2011

No Life?

So yes, I know it's been a couple of months since I have updated you guys :( I'm uploading videos more than I'm uploading my blog but I have enabled this mobile uploading thingy on my phone so maybe in between classes I can update you guys. The main subject of this entry will be my serious lack of a life. waaahhhhhhh. Nursing students have no life. Is this true for you? In between school, work, homework, and HOCKEY....NHL :) my life feels stretched too thin. So I did the unthinkable...well for me at least...I cut back my hours at work..nooooooooooooo. I hate seeing a smaller paycheque. Sucks. Oh well. I think the lack of a life is more noticeable for sure  during the summer months when everyone is out and about and facebook statuses are being updated about long walks on a beach or enjoying beautiful days and the only beautiful days I enjoy are my early morning drives to the gym. EW. Also below is a lovely picture for you guys. My crappy traffic ridden drive home from school. Exactly what you need right? UGH.  SUCKS

Also! I uploaded a new video. Link is below. Make sure you guys check it out :)

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